Video, audio and pictures

During our research we tend to make digital recordings. Below, we describe what happens in the vast majority of times. If there are ever any variances to this we will make the differences very clear when we meet. We will then ask you to sign one of the following data releases:

Recording Contract (not as flash as it sounds)

We record every interview so we don’t forget what’s been said. These recordings are either audio or video. We never use these recordings in a public context or share them with anyone outside Sense.

Image Sharing Contract

We sometimes share pictures or video footage of respondents with the company who commissions the research so that they can see what their customers look like. These recordings can be used in small meetings with Head Office employees (typically less than 10 people, but perhaps up to 50). The clients sign a contract which stops them from using the footage externally, or contacting you, or sharing your views with employees who might know you.

No picture, video or audio recording that we have made has ever been broadcast. If we ever wanted that to happen, we would get your permission first.