Holding onto your data

This page explains how we hold your data, what we use it for, and how long we hold it.

Secure, and for a specific purpose

  • we hold the bare minimum amount of data necessary to do the project
  • we hold it in an encrypted format on secure servers
  • we only ever use it to contact you about the specific research project you’ve been invited to join.
  • we occasionally recontact you after the initial interview, but only about the same projec
  • we never let any other companies use your data for their purposes.

Contacting you

We occasionally will use an external piece of online software to help us contact you: this might include programs like “Mailchimp” to send you an email or “SurveyGizmo” to send you a questionnaire. These companies are bound by our contract with you: it would be illegal for them to use your data for their own purposes. Their servers are based in the EU.

Anonymity and Market Research

All the research we undertake complies with the Code of Practice of the Market Research Society. This means:

  • all the feedback we give to clients is anonymous (e.g. “a man in Telford doesn’t like your service”)
  • we remove any information that might uniquely identify you (e.g “the winner of the Macualay School Mums Race 2018”)

Deleting data

We are required by the MRS to hold your data for one year, after which we delete it.