Our Philosophy

Our job is to make sense of things, to take the mass of data and use narratives to tell a story, so you can understand what’s going on, and take the next steps.

We believe in stories because organisations need stories in order to work together. Armies need heroes, friends need legends, companies need myths. Using stories to communicate insights about your customers galvanises and focuses your teams.

Its also because behavioural modelling is great for fine-tuning the current strategy, but to take steps forward you need insight.

Insight is what happens when grown ups take a step back. Of course you start by listening to consumers, observing their behaviour, and understanding the market data. But competitive advantage is only created when someone looks at what everyone else can see, and thinks about it in a different way.

So we excel on projects where…
– we get involved early and widely, so we can understand the business context
– we’re given a broad canvas, so we have space to connect the dots
– weirdly, where other research has failed to provide insights

The kind of projects we work less well on are where…
– where research is being used to choose between the pink one and the blue one
– where research is used as a stage-show for entertaining clients